Crime Watch

Crime Reports

      The Parkmead Neighborhood is a relatively safe place but there are occasional spates of thefts of property from homes and vehicles. We will try to keep you informed of any crime issues. If you want to join our mailing list or want help to set up a Neighborhood Watch program via the City or County, contact us at

     Please also help us track any crime in the neighborhood by emailing us at

     Lock your cars and do not leave keys, garage openers or any valuables in them, especially not in plain view, and do not leave your car running to warm up. Keep your doors and windows locked. If you are going away overnight or for a few days, inform a neighbor. Keep your eyes out for suspicious activity. Most home burglaries happen during the day and most auto burglaries happen at night. Please call the police if you see any suspicious activity.

     To see a consolidated crime report for the Parkmead neighborhood (or anywhere else), click on this link:
Parkmead Crime Report.

Crime and Graffiti Reporting

     Any crime in progress should be reported to 911.  Report any crimes committed or graffiti vandalism to these non-emergency numbers:
City Residents: Call the Walnut Creek Police at (925) 935-6400
County Residents: Call the Contra Costa Sheriff  at (925) 646-2441

     Report any public property damage or graffiti to Walnut Creek Public Services Department at (925) 943-5864

Neighborhood Watch

     At our April 2006 Neighborhood Meeting and Ice Cream Social, we had a presentation on Neighborhood Watch by the City and County. We encourage neighbors to set up these programs. It was suggested that about 12 to 20 homes on a "block" is a good size. If you are interested in helping organize your "block" let us know at

     The city and county websites have information on this program:
Walnut Creek City Police
Contra Costa County Sheriff

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