Pathway Project


Let’s help finish what was started.

Who:     Parkmead Community Association neighbors and visitors

What:    Completion of Newell Avenue Walking Path Renovation

When:    Fundraising – now! Volunteer dates will be announced prior to renovation activities.

Target completion is October 2018.

Where:   Newell Avenue walking path, beginning at Circle Dr., ending at Olympic Blvd.

Donations of all sizes welcome! Suggested $50 per family to help us meet our goal by August 2018.

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Why:     Our neighborhood is an ideal place to walk, run and ride. But when the winter rains begin, the unpaved path along Newell Avenue can become dirty and dangerous as we try to avoid mud by stepping into the street or our neighbors’ yards. In 2015 the PCA led a project to renovate the path. A portion of the path was completed thanks to donations of time and money from the community. It is time to finish this project. This will not only make it safer for us and for our children, it will improve the aesthetic of our neighborhood. We are asking you to either donate for the first time or donate again and sign up when we call for volunteers.

Additional details:

The pathway was originally installed in the early 1990s, under an agreement between Contra Costa County and the PCA. By 2015 the Newell Avenue pathway was in need of repair, and a project to renovate the pathway was initiated. Only enough money was raised to renovate approximately half of the pathway along Newell Avenue (from Idlewood to Magnolia). A small but dedicated group of volunteers purchased materials, rented equipment and installed the materials. The section that was upgraded is in the immediate area of both Parkmead Elementary and the Tice Creek School.

The renovation was a huge improvement for the school children and their families walking and riding in the area. In the un-renovated pathway sections, the rains of the 2016-17 winter forced anyone walking along Newell into the street or onto a neighbor’s yard to avoid frequent muddy holes. By contrast, the already-renovated pathway sections stayed high and dry.

We are asking you to support the PCA’s renewed efforts to finish the Newell Avenue walking path renovation. You can do this today by donating any amount that you are able. We are suggesting a donation of $50 per family, which will help us make significant progress toward our goal. Our fundraising goal is $15,000 and we hope to reach this target by August 2018. The length of the pathway still to be renovated is a quarter mile. Our goal is to install the materials in October 2018. Prior to starting the pathway renovation work we will put out a call for volunteers, no experience necessary!

If you have any questions or are interested in helping, please contact us.

Please donate today and tell your neighbors and friends in the community about this important improvement.


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